Teleco offers a wide range of services to meet every aspect of your communications needs .  From voice and data cabling to Marketing On Hold solutions, Teleco is your one stop shop for everything telecom.

Maintenance Service Agreement

A Maintenance Service Agreement, provides extended warranty protection for your telephone and voice mail system. Service contracts allow your to budget all your repair expenses for the year and protect you from unexpected costs. You also get free technical support, free software and firmware upgrades, and free remote administration services if your telephone system is equipped.

More importantly, a contract guarantee’s you the fastest service possible. Plus, you get priority scheduling for non-covered work, such as adding new phones or running new cables.

Of course the contract covers all your phones, cards, cabinets, and your voice mail system, but it ALSO covers your cable, jacks, and cords. Some companies don’t cover everything.

You can buy a contract for one year or up to five years. With a telephone system service contract you’ll get the best service possible and peace of mind knowing you’ll be in good hands.

Teleco will even give you a contract on Toshiba or NEC telephone systems that you purchased elsewhere. In fact, Teleco specializes in taking over service on existing NEC and Toshiba telephone systems. We can offer the kind of personalized service that your business needs at a very reasonable price. No matter how large or complex your system, Teleco’s experts can keep your telephone system running at it’s best. Teleco offers maintenance service contracts across the New York and New Jersey area.


Teleco can move your existing telephone system to another location anywhere in our NY or NJ service area and save you thousand versus buying a whole new system. We can upgrade you to whatever new technology you need or just add a few new features, while keeping most or all of your existing hardware.

We can even more your existing telephone and fax numbers, even if Verizon has told you that you can’t!

Teleco works with many local telephone companies, including Cablevision, Time Warner, Lightpath, XO Communications, Broadview Networks, One Communications, Paetec, and many more. Moving is the perfect time to look at your telecommunication’s expenses and Teleco can help with a free telephone bill analysis.

Leasing / Financing

A new business telephone system can be a major expense, but it doesn’t have to be. You can lease your new system and pay it off over time. Lease terms from 12 to 60 months are available and best of all, at the end of the lease you own your equipment for just $1. We can even lease to new businesses or businesses with less then perfect credit. Call today for current lease rates and terms. We also accept Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Voice and Data Cabling

Teleco provides expert Category 3 Voice and Category 5e enhanced Data cabling and even the newest Category 6 cable. Whether it’s in a new office or you need to add phones or computers in your existing office, Teleco’s highly trained, courteous technicians can handle all your cabling needs at the right price. Teleco offers cabling services throughout the NY and NJ area.  We can also help save you money by making sure you don’t over buy. Just because something is the latest cable technology, doesn’t mean it’s right for your business.

Remote Administration

Remote administration is one of the most valuable technologies available today. This allows Teleco to make programming changes, upgrade software, or conduct diagnostics remotely, via modem or IP, on your telephone or voice mail system. Most companies today do not have a full time IT staff or even a part time telephone system administrator. Remote administration allows Teleco to perform that task for you and if you have a Maintenance Contract with Teleco, we do it for FREE! Through remote administration, Teleco can reset mailbox passwords, change toll restriction, change ringing, perform normal software upgrades, and back up your system’s database, in the unlikely case of a systems failure. This keeps your system running at it’s best. No matter where you are in the NY and NJ area, remote administration gets a certified technician to you in an instant. Teleco can provide remote administration services for Toshiba and NEC systems anywhere, even outside of our New York and New Jersey service area.

National Accounts

For large companies with locations around the country, Telephone service can be a real challenge. Different telephone systems, different vendors, different prices, it can be very difficult. Not with Teleco! We can install and service Toshiba or NEC equipment anywhere in the US. We have a network of highly qualified local vendors in every market in America. You only have to deal with your National Accounts representative at Teleco and they will handle everything. Standardize on equipment, pricing, and point of contact. And what’s more, you get volume discounts and the special attention a national company needs to prosper.

T1, PRI, VoIP, DSL, SIP and More

Sound like alphabet soup? These are called Network Services. Whether it’s Voice, Data, or Internet Access, the sheer number of telecom companies and services today makes it difficult for businesses to decide what’s best suited for their needs. New technologies, like Voice over IP, designed to give consumers more choices and better pricing have only added to buyer confusion.

That’s why you need an expert. Whether you need POTS, Plain Old Telephone Service, SIP trunking, or a digital T1 with voice and internet access combined, Teleco can help you manage costs and find the right provider for you. We have relationships with some of the industry’s most respected carriers, including Cablevision, Verizon, and Time Warner, and we can tailor a solution to fit your needs today and grow with you tomorrow. Where you need a regional carrier based in New York City or a national carrier, Teleco can help you find the right service to go along with your telephone system at the right price.

Training, Training, Training

The most important part of any telephone system is the installation and training. No matter how great the equipment is, if it’s not installed right or you don’t know how to use it, then you’ll never be satisfied. At Teleco, we take our time to talk with you and walk you through the various features and options before the installation. Then, we install your new telephone system the right way. Teleco never uses sub-contractors. All of our telephone systems are installed by are own factory trained, certified technicians. Make sure your new office phone system is set up by a professional.

We offer unlimited user and administrator training, so when we leave everyone at your company knows how to use the phones and voice mail. Training is provided during the installation process by the same certified technician that installs your phone system. We don’t use inexperienced trainers that come in later and don’t know your specific needs or set up. We also print custom desi labels for all your new telephones, so every feature is clearly marked. Teleco also has toll free and email technical support if you ever need help with any of the features of your new NEC or Toshiba telephone system.

Professionally Recorded Greetings

First impressions are important. How do you want to sound when customers call you? Do you want the voice of your company to just be the person in your office with the best voice or do you want to make a professional, clear, and polished first impression.

For a limited time, Teleco is giving away FREE professional voice mail recordings with every new telephone system. Click here.

Teleco is giving away FREE Professional Voice Mail Recordings! For a limited time, Teleco is giving away FREE professionally recorded custom voice mail greetings*

Make a strong, polished first impression on your customers with a professionally recorded greeting! Call 800-Teleco-4 and listen to how your company could sound!

*$3500 min. purchase of phone and/or voice mail system. Basic auto attendant greetings. 1 day message & 1 night message. Not valid on previous purchases

. That’s a $295 value. The recordings are done in a sound studio by a professional voice talent, so everything will sound perfect. Call 800-Teleco-4 and listen to how your company could sound. click for voice sample.

The most important part of an Automated Attendant is the script. The experts at Teleco will help you write an effective script that your customers will appreciate. We’ll make sure it’s not too long or too complicated and we always make sure that live help is just a zero key away. Not only will a Teleco Automated Attendant increase your productivity, speed call processing, and increase customer satisfaction, but with Teleco’s FREE professional recording offer, your company can make a perfect first impression for less money then ever before.

Commercial On Hold

Marketing on Hold is a great way to tell customers about new products or services, special offers, or just deliver a friendly reminder that you haven’t forgotten that they are on hold.  Teleco can provide both the custom recorded production with background music and a professional quality player that’s meant to be on 24/7.  Off the shelf CD players or MP3 players aren’t commercial grade and will break down quickly when left on all the time.  Some of our telephone systems, even can play a professional on hold production without the need for any external player.  Call Teleco and ask how commercial on hold can help your business today.

Printed Telephone Tags

Teleco professionally prints designation labels for your new telephones for free; Many dealers don’t or charge an extra fee. Printed labels ensure that everyone know what each and every button on your phone does. But, don’t forget, you can always call Teleco’s toll free technical support or arrange for additional training sessions. This is especially important for new employees.

NEC can also have your company logo or colors printed on the tag’s background. Accentuate your brand, build employee pride, and show off to your customers.* available at an extra charge

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